In the Garden

posted by Patricia Hohl

There’s a lot happening in gardens this winter and in thinking about gardens.

Such as #OccupyGardens, a Twitter movement based on our basic need for food and the power of being able to feed ourselves.

And as food activists head into a fierce battle over the Farm Bill early next year, some small farmers are finding an ally in the Occupy Wall Street movements.

Need a reason to start a kitchen garden? Go to our Video Page and watch Roger Doiron, Founding Director of Kitchen Gardeners, in his TED talk,  A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard. Doiron talks about the need to redefine what “good” food is and redefine our living spaces. Why? Because gardens grow GOOD food, gardens grow healthy kids and families, and gardens grow important economic savings for families.

Doiron’s takeaway:  Increasing access to food that are healthy for us and the planet is the biggest challenge we face. Kitchen gardens will be a big part of the solution and represent a cost-effective investment. Everyone has a role to play in planting and promoting them.

Nothing dormant in these gardens!

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