Through Henry’s Eyes: Virtual Tours of Thoreau’s Birth House

Historian and writer Richard Smith, perhaps best known for capturing the spirit and wit of Thoreau for more than 20 years, gives three virtual tours of Henry’s birth house.

With each tour, you will feel transported back to 19th century Concord, with Thoreau as your guide. You can almost feel the spring of the wide pine floors under your feet; the smell of cedar in the attic; and hear the “ticking of the clock in the house.”

These videos are perfect for school groups, folks who want to visit Henry’s birth house, and those who want to step into one of Concord’s most treasured historic homes.

H. D. Thoreau introduces his home to you.

Henry David Thoreau gives an intimate tour of his home, including the room where he was born.

Henry David Thoreau explains how his family came to live at Thoreau Farm.

You can also click on the following links to view the tour and share them on Facebook: Birth RoomHouse History, and Background on the Thoreau Family.

Through the magic of Zoom, children’s book author and writing teacher, Donna Marie Przybojewski, introduces young children to Henry David Thoreau in the following interview at Thoreau Farm. Watch it here.