Welcome to Thoreau Farm, the Birthplace of Henry David Thoreau

Free house tours every weekend! 

House Tours:
May through October
Saturdays and Sundays
11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm
Admission is free. Suggested Donation $5/person 

 Come learn about the birthplace of Henry David Thoreau and consider lessons about living deliberately that we can learn from his legacy.

You do not need to take a tour to visit the grounds. You may also arrange a tour at another time or for a large group by contacting us at info@thoreaufarm.org.

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KLEIO x Thoreau Farm

Candle Collection


Announcing the KLEIO x Thoreau Farm Luxury Candles Collection. Named after the Ancient Greek muse of history, KLEIO brings the past to life by recreating the aromas of olfactive history in candle form, illuminating a particular place in time. Candles from this collaboration transport you back to 19th-century New England, recreating Thoreau’s olfactive world as detailed in his writings.

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What Would Henry Do?

A book series aimed at exploring the question: if Henry David Thoreau were alive today, what would HE think, what HE say, what would HE do?


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Our saunters are walks and talks that are guided by experts and dedicated to close observation and deep appreciation of the world.

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black line drawing logo of a rooster on a roost over the words he roost Don’t miss many insights about Thoreau’s enduring lessons that can be found in The Roost: The Blog at Thoreau Farm 

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The Thoreau Farm Trust, a nonprofit organization, is committed to preserving Thoreau’s birth house. We believe Thoreau’s extraordinary insights into life, nature, and social responsibility are as relevant today as they were during his lifetime. We hope you will find his birthplace a source of inspiration for living deliberately, practicing simplicity, and exploring new ideas for positive change.