Write Outside Your Door: A Nature Writing Workshop at Thoreau Farm

Woman in hat and glasses admires the woodsThis program is presented as part of the Concord Festival of Authors.

Wednesday, October 19


At Thoreau Farm


Henry David Thoreau was a masterful, creative writer. We can follow his example by interacting with nature, by paying close attention to its nuances, and by using all of our senses, as encouragement to write. This session will allow us to study nature in the late afternoon, approaching sunset.

We’ll practice inside and then will go outside as the weather permits. Folks are guaranteed to see, hear, and touch something brand-new and intriguing this time, even if they’re familiar with Thoreau Farm. And they’ll come away with partial or finished pieces of writing or artwork, too.

Participants are invited to bring their own journals or sketchbooks, although small ones will be provided.

 Corinne H. Smith is the author of “Westward I Go Free: TracingThoreau’s Last Journey,” and “Henry David Thoreau for Kids: His Lifeand Ideas, With 21 Activities.” She is the Shop Manager of The ThoreauSociety Shop at Walden Pond


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