Concordians, Scientists, and Authors Sara Seager and Alan Lightman in Conversation

Sara Seager

Sara Seager and Alan Lightman

Author Talk

Alan Lightman

Date: Thurs., Feb. 11, 2021

Time: 4-5pm

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Program Description:

Henry David Thoreau was a writer, naturalist, philosopher, abolitionist, pencil maker, and surveyor. His essay “Civil Disobedience” is considered by many to be a cornerstone of American Democracy. His Journals contain scientific data on the 19th century natural world that are valued by today’s climate scientists.

Let us not underrate the value of a fact; it will one day flower in a truth. “Natural History of Massachusetts,” Thoreau

In the spirit of Thoreau’s work, The Write Connection is thrilled to host this conversation between Concordians Sara Seager and Alan Lightman. Both presenters are scientists and authors, who explore the intersection of the sciences and the humanities in their work.

In this conversation led by Alan Lightman, he and Sara Seager will discuss their writing processes and her latest book, “The Smallest Lights in the Universe: A Memoir.”

Sara Seager is an astrophysicist and a professor of physics and planetary science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She chairs NASA’s Probe Study Team for the Starshade project. Her research is focused on exoplanets and the search for the first Earth-like twin.

Alan Lightman is a physicist, writer, and social entrepreneur. He is a professor of the practice of the humanities at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the founder of Harpswell, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance a new generation of women leaders in Southeast Asia.